A love letter…….?

​dear …….., 

Each time I see you, whether it be ur picture, or a video call or in real…..I feel like a thousand butterflies inside my stomach…..Each time I see you I love you more…..I don’t know why, I love you like anything and everything…..U give me such a feeling which I haven’t experienced in the last 4-5 years…..U take me to an imaginary world with just u n me…..I can’t see what’s happening around once u r beside me…..U take me to such a world with just u n me….u might have realized it although u never responded….each night I sleep thinking of u…..each day I wake up I go to my phone expecting a text from you…..although it never happens….but still that expectation gives me some special kind of happiness which noone else will ever understand…..do u think I am crazy? Even I feel the same but this craziness is what makes me live….Wet papers makes it hard to write…..I won’t write more bcz when u r able to understand my silence why should I waste some words….


Well think about tomorrow

Like we think about today

Can we survive in time???

Can we make it somehow???

Keep thinking time never change…

How if time always be the same!!!

Will the part be a shadow!!?

That will follow us all around…

Will the memories fade away

When we leave this time

Keep thinking time never change

Keep on thinking time always be the same

Where we are gonna be

When we turn to fifty???

As we go on, do we remember

All the times we had together

As our lives change forever 

Will we still be FRIENDZ 4EVER!!!!! 


FRIENDS&FAMILY – the two F words which cannot be explained by words…..
Mom who takes us in her body for around 300 days suffers all pain and gives birth to you…..and spend the rest of her life taking care of you.
Dad the one who spends all his life time working day in and say out to make sure u get what he dint as a kid.
Brothers and sisters who is from family but our first friend too
Friends are those with whom we can share things which we cannot with others…..

Sorry I’m short of words and getting emotional……


ELEPHANT – Being a malayali(person from kerala- gods own country) my life is very closely attached to elephants. In Kerala each festival is given punch with the presence of beautifully dressed up tuskers :).
I stay very close to “thodupuzha srikrishna swamy temple”, one of the most prominent and famous temples at our place. The temple holds a 10 day annual festival every year. When I was a kid, the first 6 days there will be one elephant which was ” edamanappattu mohanan” who was also a filmstar in the Malayalam movie ‘prayikkara pappan’ in which the elephant had a lead role and on days 7,8 and 9, two more elephants will join the first one……
Since I started going to the festival mohanan was the hero of the festival and I became a fan of his…..in the meantime of around 11 years I would proudly say that I became so close to him that he evn responded to my words….
By around 2006 mohanan got old and weak and stopped going out and later he passed away…..
From next year it was “bolenath” the Bihari beauty with whom I created a similar bondage with him as I shared with mohanan. Buy due to some official problems with the temple authority he stopped coming and the place was occupied by the local boy brahmadattan…..


This is how he looks…..unfortunately in couldn’t find the pics of mohanan and bolenath……

This is how a malayali is related to elephant…..
While coming to wild elephants there too comes my direct involvement…..my dad’s place marayur is just 3km away from rajiv gandhi national park…..so travelling through road itself is gives us chance to head elephants which are usually harmless as they are accustomed to moving traffic provided we don’t hurt them….but still with a calf beside it can be a bit aggressive…..which I had to face but by God’s grace I was safe…..

That’s about elephant – the animal closest to my heart πŸ™‚


DECISION – the oxford dictionary explains decision as a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. We humans voluntarily and involuntarily take hundreds of decisions everyday from waking up to going to bed…..each and every single and minute thing which we do is a decision….

But apart from these regular decision we come across many serious and important decisions in our life like choosing our career, finding a better half and so on…..

A decision is something which takes us to what we are from what we were….when a right decision can take you to great heights a wrong decision can throw u down to great losses…..

Recently joining A-Z challenge was the best decision I have taken in my life….. Make wise decisions, make your life brighter…..


CRICKET-Unlike other letters when it comes to C, there was not element of doubt or confusion…..its always C for CRICKET…..I am born into a family of cricket crazy people who even took leave to watch matches….I would also add a point to this…..
Back when I was born, there were not enough telephone services at my dad’s place…..so the message was sent via bus connecting my mom’s n dad’s place…..so when the news came that I was born, my dad was bowling the last over of the final match of a cricket tournament…….
So my connection to cricket starts from the day I was born…..
Born and brought up amidst cricket the first match I remember as a whole is the 1996 world cup final where srilanka beat Australia……I don’t rember the scores but I do remember srilanka chased down the target and my all time favourite de Silva scored a century…..infact it was after that match I became a fan of his……I was just 6 back then…..from then the real cricket fan in me started evolving……
The next memorable moment came from the 5″ 5′ little master in the 1998 sharjah cup final scoring 142(121) balls…..back when 80 was considered as an enormous strike rate, this 120 strike rate was something overwhelming for the cricketing world……
Later that year again the little master with my cricketing idol DADA scored a fantabulous 252 run opening stand……that was a stand which cannot be explained in words…….the game became a batting extravagensa when de Silva scored a century in return……..
The next incident was not that pleasent..
..the 1999 match fixing incident which included then captain Mohammed azharuddin and Ajay jadeja of India along with South African captain hansie cronje and Salim Malik of Pakistan
I would tell that as the black age of Indian cricket until THE DADA took over as indan captain….. Actually he was making a new team India from nothingness……the captaincy which sachin himself refused to take was taken by DADA with both hands and from their own the real TEAM INDIA was in the making……
The real strength of young TEAM INDIA was seen by the world in the 2002 NatWest final…..where the young guns yuvi n kaif triggered against the mighty English bowling lineup……
Then came the 2003 cricket world cup…..India started the tournament with a colourless win over the very weak Netherlands and lost against the mighty Australians in the second match…..most fabs considered it as the end of team india but from then on what we saw was the real face of india marching strong against England Pakistan Zimbabwe and Namibia finishing second in the group only after Australia…..
In the super six all Indian victories where pretty much one sided 6 wickets against Kenya, 7 wickets against NZ and 183 runs against sri Lanka…..in the semifinals India had an easy 61 runs victory against kenya…..
In the final India had go face the mighty Australians…..winning the toss india made a wrong decision of bowling first which ended up in a montaineous 359/2 for Aussies which was a ponting show with 140*(121)…..on return not able to handle the pressure India lost sachin for 4 runs in the very first over…… The 54 run partnership between ganguly n viru and 88 run partnership between viru n dravid was not enough to take india par the line…..and ended up 125 runs short of target…..the biggest set back in dadas captaincy showcased by his critics…..
Again controversies and ugly fights between Greg chappel and dada……dada was out of his own team….dravid took over captaincy thrown out of 2007 worldcup in the first round…..all happened in a short term…..
In 2007 t20 world cup was introduced and the new find dhoni was made the captain. Team India won the cup but the highlight of the tournament was six 6’s in an over yuvraj and the 4 overs 12/2 spell by sreesanth.
IPL was introduced which was the commercial version of the shortest format of the game…..
Jumping to  2011 WC…..India won the cup, yuvi emerged man of the match with his all-round performance…..and dhoni became the most over rated captain of the game……
200+ scores have been crossed by Batsman on 5 occasion the first of course belongs to the little master……
Skipping some moments …..recently ie yesterday was the best day of windies cricket they won both men’s and women’s T20 world cup…..and proved they are not a one man army….they are a bunch of 15 match winners…..

For me cricket is a passion and emotion…..I love cricket I love cricket…..

Missed a lot while fishing through….
Please excuse……


BREAK-UP……it took me quite sometime to take a decision on this word…..i was in an yes-or-no dillemma whether to write on breakup or to change the topic and finally made a decision to go with it……

I don’t think there will be a single person who haven’t gone through a minor or major break-up…..need not be with your boyfriend or girlfriend alone…..breakups happen between friends, inside a family or at your workplace with colleagues…..
But still when we hear the word break-up we conclude it to be the end, permanent or temporary, of a relation between a man and a woman. I too am gonna tell about a breakup of a boy and a girl.
4 year long relation ending over a phone call…..let’s BREAK-UP. Doesnt it sound strange? But it do happens like every second…..from strong relations to heartbreaking separations the thing has gone down to hookups and breakups as we prefer one night stands over long term relationships…..less risk, more satisfaction…..
Personally speaking break-up was one thing that had hit me so hard it took me around 2 years to get over it…..nothing had ever depressed me like that before and nothing is gone affect me more in the future because those 2 years taught me 1000 lessons on how to stay strong……
Now when I think about those days, i laugh thinking of the nights u spend crying…..
Thanks for making me strong…..don’t know whom go thank…… Break-up or ????


AUTHORS BEYOND BORDERS – this is what came to my mind the very instant I started of the first day of A-Z challenge. Now you might be wondering what’s this….. AUTHORS BEYOND BORDERS is a group of 14 active and passive bloggers who share similar wavelength and are kinda insane freaks :)….. It was one of the best things happened to me since I finished my college days…..
It’s truly insane that I started a blog page to be a part of this group :p….
Guys from almost all parts of India converge and become one big family
I become speechless when I start talking about us……AUTHORS BEYOND BORDERS is something beyond the limits words can explain
The most sweetest part about this group is that, we are not enclosed inside the 9 letters of WordPress or 8 letters of WhatsApp…..we make things happen around in the outside world……we try to meet each other in real and that’s happening…..piku travelling all the way from Mumbai to meet sneha n nitro in bangaluru and myself riding 100+ kms to meet nisha Nimi and out little angel mayasa are one among the few…..

In short we are one awesome family.
Nisha Nimi sridi hemadi Sri nitro piku darcie Rafat rups priya farid and myself

Signing off……tada πŸ˜€


i tried to open my eyes
i was blinded by the white light
i cant remember how or why
i am here at this time

now i can stand the pain
i cant stop thinking about it
how could this happen to me
i made my mistake and life goes on
it seems like that im fading away
i dont know whether ill come back

i saw everyone screaming
my tries to make them smile
all went in vain
im slipping off the edge
and hanging by a thread